Lynn Joye CanCare Charleston organizer and leader

lynn joye


Lynn is a former teacher, mother of three and proud wife of Todd Joye. She is a survivor of breast cancer and was a caregiver to her father with terminal lung cancer. Realizing how important personal connection is while navigating cancer, Lynn was inspired by Anne Turnage, who founded CanCare in Houston, and Kay Royal, who started a CanCare affiliate in Atlanta, to bring the convenience, compassion and quality of the CanCare ministry to the Charleston area. 

Lynn’s family was blindsided  in 2000 when her father was diagnosed with stage 4 non small cell lung cancer and heartbroken when he died only 4 months later.

Since her own cancer diagnosis in 2015 Lynn has been a passionate advocate for peer to peer cancer support.  In 2017 Lynn convinced CanCare, Inc. in Houston, Texas to make it possible for other cities across the country to use CanCare’s successful volunteer training program AND its efficient peer matching database.   She believes it should be the standard of care to connect those facing a cancer diagnosis with a compassionate survivor of the same or similar type of cancer. 

Louise Harvell is a member of the CanCare Charleston leadership team

Louise Harvell

As a homemaker and mother of 6 children, Louise has spent many hours volunteering with various nonprofits.

A survivor of breast and colorectal cancer and a caregiver to her husband, she has experienced both sides of the cancer journey and knows that sharing her story can bring hope to those who are beginning their own cancer walk.

Louise says, “I realized that my journey could be a way to help others who were facing a cancer diagnosis. Caring, encouragement and support is something we all need when life hands us a challenge.”

Ken Alexander Featured Image for CanCare Charleston

KEN Alexander


 I grew up on the plains of Texas. When I was ten, my father became a cotton farmer. I learned the fine art of hoeing (which I hated), irrigation, plowing and harvesting.

The Lord called me into the ministry of the Methodist Church when I was a junior in high school. I graduated from McMurry College, Duke Divinity School, and many years later, American University.

At Duke I met a lovely Sophomore, named Janet. We dated for three years, graduated at the same ceremony, got married the next day, and moved to Maryland where I served as a minister in the Baltimore Annual Conference of the Methodist Church.

We have three children, nine grandchildren, eight great grand children and more on the way. We were married for forty-nine years until Janet went to be with the Lord.

I was a Methodist minister for thirty-five years—twenty-three of those years as an Army Chaplain. I retired in 1992 and we moved to South Carolina.

In 1996, I became an Episcopal minister and later entered the Anglican Church of North America, and am now retired. Although retired, I am an assisting priest at St. Andrews Anglican Church in Mount Pleasant, where I was on staff for six years.

Occasionally, I enjoy splashing watercolors on watercolor paper.

Donald Wilbur, MD CanCare Charleston volunteer



I am a Professor Emeritus at MUSC, where I graduated and taught for 30 years. I am also a former FIFA Inspector/Assessor and have traveled to most, if not all, North and Central American countries as well as the Caribbean nations in the role as a teacher to people of different races and cultures. I am a Stephen Ministry Leader and have taught the curriculum to train Stephen Ministers. I have had multiple skin cancers and am presently being treated for them. My wife, Mary, has had breast CA twice. I believe these experiences have prepared me to be a compassionate, caring and experienced teacher for CanCare.

Don and Mary Wilbur
Don and Mary Wilbur are very active members of Charleston CanCare’s team of trainers. Volunteer trainings are now available on Zoom every month!
Mary Wilbur CanCare Charleston leadership team member

Mary Wilbur


I have been an oncology nurse for twenty plus years. I also have experience in inpatient hospice care. I am a certified end of life counselor and have been at the bedside of hundreds of patients. I am also a Stephen minister, presently not active as our church does not have a program at this time. I am a breast cancer survivor times two and frequently provide support to friends and neighbors with cancer. Throughout my long nursing career (42 years!) I have done lots of teaching from one on one to very large groups at national meetings.