When you are climbing a mountain for the first time, it’s important to have an experienced guide.
Cancer is no different.



Being diagnosed with cancer is usually shocking, confusing and overwhelming whether you have a strong support system or not. That’s why CanCare promises to match clients within 48 hours with a peer mentor who has faced the same type of cancer. A peer mentor can be an important member of your care team for a variety of reasons.

First, you will undoubtedly have many decisions to make regarding your care. Your physician, nurse navigator, friends and family members will all want what’s best for you, but only you can decide what in fact that is. Each CanCare Volunteer has already been through a particular treatment/surgery/complication. You may be curious to speak with someone who has this experiential knowledge. Speaking to a former cancer patient (or to a former caregiver if you’re a caregiver) allows you to ask the kind of questions that matter to you and that only someone who has actually lived it can answer. Getting the information you need on the front end allows you to make the decisions that will be best for YOU.

Secondly, you will likely experience a variety of emotions after you’ve been diagnosed, as will your loved ones. You each deserve a safe place where you can vent all your feelings, thoughts and fears. A peer mentor can provide that safe place. All our volunteers have personally experienced cancer, have been through our screening process, and have completed our thorough training. They will be the very best listeners and expect nothing in return.

We recommend you be in touch once weekly in the beginning so that you have consistent support when you need it most. But once matched with one of our peer mentors, you can decide if you want to stay in touch and how often. It’s entirely up to you. You will likely find that speaking with someone who has survived what you are facing will provide the hope you didn’t even realize you needed.


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Local Counselor Offers Complimentary Session to Cancer Patients, Caregivers or CanCare volunteers

Jeannine Harrell, MA is offering a complimentary session to cancer patients, caregivers or CanCare Charleston volunteers. Professional counseling may assist you in managing your feelings, and life during your treatment.


Celebrate CanCare’s newest volunteers to complete training

Join us in celebrating the November 2019 volunteers who completed their training at a weekend session, Saturday, November 15 and Sunday, November 16. Held at St. Andrews Anglican Church in Mount Pleasant, this was the third of these volunteer training sessions held by CanCare Charleston.


Tri-County Cancer Survivors Organization Hosts National Cancer Survivors Day Event

On the afternoon of Sunday, June 2, Lynn Joye, Louise Harvell and Jean Anglin attended the National Cancer Survivors Day event which is hosted each year by the Tri-County Cancer Survivors Organization. The event honors survivors and their caregivers.

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