cancare charleston leadership

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CanCare Charleston is a very young local organization and seeking new ideas and involvement.

Since conception in 2017 three of our team have become certified trainers and through the organization have trained 40 volunteers as of August 2020. We recently got our Federal Tax Identification number and are working towards our 501 (c) 3 filing.

We are actively seeking people who are locals passionate about our mission and who wish to support and assist us to complete the following tasks:

  • File our 501(c)3 paperwork
  • Prepare our quarterly financial reports
  • Market CanCare Charleston locally
  • Write grant proposals and fundraise so we might hire staff
  • Write our bi-monthly newsletter.

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Lynn Joye

Lynn Joye is a survivor of breast cancer and was a caregiver to her father with terminal lung cancer. Realizing how important personal connection is while navigating cancer, Lynn was inspired by Anne Turnage, who founded CanCare in Houston, and Kay Royal, who started a CanCare affiliate in Atlanta, to bring the convenience, compassion and quality of the CanCare ministry to the Charleston area.

Louise Harvell

Louise Harvell is a survivor of breast and colorectal cancers and was a caregiver to her husband. She has experienced both sides of the cancer journey and knows that sharing her story can bring hope to those who are beginning their own cancer walk.

Ken Alexander

Ken Alexander is a retired, but active Anglican minister, a native of Texas who enjoys dabbling in watercolors and is a member of the local Charleston CanCare leadership team.

Donald Wilbur, MD

Don Wilbur is a a Professor Emeritus at MUSC, where he was graduated and taught for 30 years. He and his wife have both experienced cancer and have undergone treatment for it, making him a compassionate and understanding leader for those on a similar journey.

Mary Wilbur

Mary Wilbur is an oncology nurse with twenty plus years experience and also a breast cancer survivor. She has experience in inpatient hospice care and is a certified end of life counselor and has been at the bedside of hundreds of patients.