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CanCare Charleston is a new local chapter of the national organization CanCare, Inc. which is headquartered in Houston, Texas. CanCare Charleston’s mission is to provide peer support to adult cancer patients and caregivers in our community. Our volunteers are all former cancer patients or caregivers who have completed our exceptional training program.

If you would like to be partnered with one of our volunteers, simply complete our questionnaire as accurately and in as much detail as possible and you’ll receive a confirmation email when your request for support has been received. We will use our database to match you with the volunteer with whom you have the most in common, e.g. age, gender, cancer type, cancer treatment and geographical location when possible.

Within a couple of days your CanCare volunteer will reach out to you using the method you’ve specified- text, email or phone call. Your volunteer will introduce him/herself and ask how you are doing. It’s up to you how much you want to share and how often you’d like to be in touch. A CanCare staff member will usually follow up to make sure your volunteer has been able to reach you and that you are satisfied with the volunteer who has been chosen for you.

All CanCare services are free and confidential.

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