Meet Jim Johnston CanCare Charleston July 2019 Featured Volunteer

Meet Jim, one of our first volunteers

Jim Johnston was a volunteer in the first CanCare training class in March 2018. Jim’s journey through his cancer diagnosis and treatment was not one for the “faint of heart.” I recently had the opportunity to interview Jim. He doesn’t really think of himself as being extraordinary. But, when you hear his story, I think you’ll agree with me, that there’s not a better word to describe this man and the fight he waged against an incredibly formidable opponent.

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Tri-County Cancer Survivors-National Cancer Survivor Day

Tri-County Cancer Survivors Event 2019

On the afternoon of Sunday, June 2, Lynn Joye, Louise Harvell and Jean Anglin attended the National Cancer Survivors Day event which is hosted each year by the Tri-County Cancer Survivors Organization. The event honors survivors and their caregivers and includes guest speakers, music, information tables, food and other activities.

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