Mary Wilbur CanCare Charleston leadership team member

Mary Wilbur


I have been an oncology nurse for twenty plus years. I also have experience in inpatient hospice care. I am a certified end of life counselor and have been at the bedside of hundreds of patients. I am also a Stephen minister, presently not active as our church does not have a program at this time. I am a breast cancer survivor times two and frequently provide support to friends and neighbors with cancer. Throughout my long nursing career (42 years!) I have done lots of teaching from one on one to very large groups at national meetings.

December 2019 Volunteers Cheri & Henry Coleman in the spotlight

Facts About Cheri & Henry:


Henry is a native of the Lowcountry who spent his childhood in the Old Village. Cheri is also a native, growing up west of the Ashley. She and Henry met by happenstance when she was spending time one weekend with her cousin, who lived in Mt. Pleasant and happened to be a friend of Henry’s. They were both 16 at the time and have been together ever since. They were married in 1972 at St. Andrew’s Church, where Henry has been a member all his life. Cheri and Henry both worked for the U.S. government. Cheri worked in accounting while Henry worked in the Department of the Navy, testing the safety of submarines following repair work. Henry also served in the Air Force Reserve for 21 years and his missions included Panama and Desert Storm. They are now both retired. Henry has discovered a passion for repairing antique automobiles and Cheri loves taking care of their two pups. They have both been involved in various ministries at St. Andrew’s throughout the years and are currently active in a Life Group there that is very dear to them.

Diagnoses & Treatments:

In 2009, Cheri and Henry were each diagnosed with different forms of cancer. Henry was diagnosed first with prostate cancer. He had surgery for the cancer at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. Two weeks after Henry’s diagnosis, Cheri was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a lumpectomy followed by radiation. In 2013, Cheri was diagnosed with a different type of breast cancer in the opposite breast. She had a double mastectomy in December 2013.

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November 2019 CanCare Charleston volunteers

Newest CanCare Volunteers Complete Training

On Saturday, November 15 and Sunday, November 16, the third local class of CanCare volunteers completed their training which was held at St. Andrews Anglican Church in Mount Pleasant. This was the first time that the training was done entirely by local trainers: Ken Alexander, Louise Harvell, Lynn Joye, and Mary Wilbur. In addition, Dr. Elizabeth Christian, a retired oncologist, gave a talk to the volunteers. The training was also attended by Teresa Doyle from the Houston CanCare organization who observed and provided feedback to the trainers. Women from St. Matthews Lutheran Church provided lunch for the group on Saturday.

All CanCare training classes, no matter where in the country they take place, are numbered so our graduates can proudly refer to the class they attended.  CanCare began in Houston, TX and  now has affiliates in Colorado Springs, CO, Atlanta, GA and Charleston, SC. 

Class #96 was trained in Mt. Pleasant, SC and had survivors of the following cancer types:

  • stage 2 ER+ and PR+ breast
  • stage 1 lobular breast
  • Paget’s disease
  • basal cell skin
  • Hodgkin’s lymphoma
  • multiple myeloma.

This class had caregivers to loved ones who had had the following cancers:

  • breast
  • acute leukemia
  • Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

We extend congratulations and a warm welcome to the newest certified CanCare volunteers!

Meet Charlie Kroeger CanCare Charleston's August 2019 Volunteer Spotlight

Where are you from originally and what brought you to the low country?


I was born in St. Louis Missouri, and lived in Toronto Ontario, Amherst New Hampshire, and Cincinnati Ohio before moving to the Low Country. While in Cincinnati, I was CEO of a company that was acquired by another; shortly thereafter, I was free of the corporate world and my wife had a lot of history in Charleston…so we ended up moving here and are very happy that we did. Read more >

Meet Jim Johnston CanCare Charleston July 2019 Featured Volunteer

Meet Jim, one of our first volunteers

Jim Johnston was a volunteer in the first CanCare training class in March 2018. Jim’s journey through his cancer diagnosis and treatment was not one for the “faint of heart.” I recently had the opportunity to interview Jim. He doesn’t really think of himself as being extraordinary. But, when you hear his story, I think you’ll agree with me, that there’s not a better word to describe this man and the fight he waged against an incredibly formidable opponent.

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Tri-County Cancer Survivors-National Cancer Survivor Day

Tri-County Cancer Survivors Event 2019

On the afternoon of Sunday, June 2, Lynn Joye, Louise Harvell and Jean Anglin attended the National Cancer Survivors Day event which is hosted each year by the Tri-County Cancer Survivors Organization. The event honors survivors and their caregivers and includes guest speakers, music, information tables, food and other activities.

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